When someone who saw you through changes can’t be reached


Where have you gone, Stephen?
Now, this night I need you.
And just you, the gravitas

of your bulldog self. Your ancient
belief in me. Rather, a belief that dates
to 1977 or thereabouts. Ancient enough

for we beings allotted

‘Republicans who acquit Trump convict themselves’ ~ Windsor Mann

Dear United States Sen. Shelley Moore Capito: Greetings. I am a long-time constituent of yours for your entire Senate service from West Virginia. I am writing this open letter about how you choose to vote in the second impeachment trial of…

How a West Virginia artist captured ‘100 Badass Women’

By Douglas John Imbrogno & Connie Kinsey

Technically, Sassa Wilkes is a visual artist. But it would be more correct to describe the Barboursville WV resident as a Renaissance Woman — an artist, teacher, author, musician, and now a visual biographer…

Douglas John Imbrogno

Douglas John Imbrogno is a lifelong storyteller in print, imagery and moving pictures. MORE: TheStoryIsTheThing.com and WestVirginiaVille.com

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